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About Us

About us

Founded in London in 2016, CIT is a specialist software consultancy that was built to create world leading software to bring digital transformation and automation to business of all sizes, either directly, or by empowering existing IT teams to be the best that they can be.


Our founder, Isaac Abraham, had spent over 15 years developing software solutions at large enterprises, start-ups, investment banks and the public sector. He was of the belief that the software industry simply wasn't good enough: too many systems were written with high failure rates. Customers were left with solutions that were developed inefficiently. And he no longer found software development fun, because he knew that something was missing. Two technologies came to the fore at around the same time that he felt would help shift the balance: first, the rise of cloud computing - bringing efficiency gains and enabling smaller organisations - but secondly, the rise in accessibility of functional programming.

Our vision: "Functional programming for everday IT solutions"

The belief that applying the simple principles of functional programming can dramatically lower the cost of software solutions.


At Compositional IT we help create high-value IT solutions by taking advantage of functional-first, cloud-ready technologies. We work with companies worldwide to create bespoke software systems and improve their technical teams through education and mentorship. Our services include training, coaching, consultancy, and end to end software development.


Every day, we build line of business systems for organisations worldwide, all of them written in F# - a functional programming language running on Microsoft's .NET platform.

We are huge advocates of Functional Programming (F#) as it offers a unique opportunity to develop cost-effective IT solutions in a fraction of the time, delivering measurable savings and efficiencies fast. At Compositional IT we are 100% committed to F#, helping the likes of Lufthansa, JustGiving, Colliers and many others - whilst actively supporting the F# community and advocating its growth.

We are able to do this because systems built using F# use a fraction of the code. They take a fraction of the development time. And they cost far less, both in development and maintenance.

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