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Even the best can be better

The best development teams are always learning. Because we work with developers across multiple industries all the time, we know things you might not. Our advanced F# coaching packages ensure you stay at the cutting edge of your industry.

Just a few hours’ coaching with Compositional IT really helped us improve our understanding of F# in our application. We were really surprised at how quickly they added value.

Julian Boyce
Team lead, M-Cubator

We’re so confident we can improve your performance that if we're not adding value after the first two sessions, you can have your money back.

We help teams like yours get even better

A web development company wanted to switch to F#, but were worried it might be disruptive. Compositional IT successfully guided them through a pilot project for several months. Now they are using F# for all their new work.

9/10 customers score us as excellent

We worked with an energy supplier who were already using F#. We reviewed their code and introduced new development practices. Their increased efficiency has allowed them to expand their use of F# throughout their platform.