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Smooth the move to F#

Switching to a new language can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our hassle-free coaching and training packages start at just one hour a week, and ensure your team can make the move to smarter, cleaner code without risk.

Just a few hours’ coaching with Compositional IT really helped us improve our understanding of F# in our application. We were really surprised at how quickly they added value.

Julian Boyce
Team lead, M-Cubator

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We help teams like yours get even better

A web development company wanted to switch to F#, but were worried it might be disruptive. Compositional IT successfully guided them through a pilot project for several months. Now they are using F# for all their new work.

98% of our sessions score 4/5 or more

Developers at a real estate firm were convinced by F#, but struggled to get buy-in from management and colleagues. We trained and coached the team to make a controlled transition, without affecting daily operations.