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Consultant as a Service

Our consultant-as-a-service (CAAS) product provides a development resource that can act as a remote part of your team on a part-time basis, with regularly scheduled on-site visits as needed. CAAS is ideal for situations where you have an in-house development capability but still need the ability to "burst-out", or have a specific requirement that one of our experts can rapidly solve. CAAS enables you to maintain full control of your project, but with an external expert available to provide an extra boost to your team, where that's an experience F# or Azure consultant who can boost the output of your development team, or an experienced architect that can help shape your software platform.

About the service


The CAAS product is by its nature a lightweight one, and follows a simple process:

  1. We'll have an up-front discussion with you to understand your current opportunities and talk about how and where we could add the most value.
  2. We'll arrange a short call with your team and the consultant to discuss in detail what the planned work will entail.
  3. We'll send through a short proposal which details our understanding of the responsibilities our consultant will be working with and the areas of expertise you are looking for.
  4. The consultant will begin working alongside your existing team and take part in your standard process such as daily stand ups and code reviews etc.
  5. Where possible, we'll arrange regular on-site visits for the consultant as well as progress calls with you and an account manager, to ensure that there's a regular flow of communication at both the developer and management level.


Our consultants will typically work remotely in our London office. One of the benefits this provides is that we can rapidly respond to short-term requirements without the need for logistical complexities, as well as providing more flexibility to all of our customers. In addition, this provides the benefit that our entire team can provide expertise to your project if required. Regardless, we'll communicate with your team every day, as often as is required, and use whichever collaboration and code sharing tools you use.

However we do also appreciate the benefits of face-to-face communication and working alongside others in the team, so we'll typically also suggest on-site visits from our consultant on a regular basis where they can meet and collaborate with your team in person.


The CAAS model is exactly what it says. You will have total control on the tasks and features that our consultant is working on; whilst they will provide suggestions and ideas to you for tasks that they work on, and will explain where their specific areas of expertise are, you will always have the final say on what they are working on and any propsed solution to be implemented.

Sound interesting?

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