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Repeatable Azure deployments made quick and easy.

What is Farmer?

Farmer is an easy-to-learn library for rapidly authoring and deploying entire Azure architectures.

  • Infrastructure-as-code - done right. Rapidly construct complex topologies with minimal code.
  • Get stuff working in Azure - fast. Pragmatic and highly optimised for the most common scenarios.
  • Idempotent deployments. Repeatedly provision a template - only changes will be applied.
  • Cross-platform. Runs on .NET Core on Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Built on trusted technologies. Runs on Microsoft’s Azure Resource Manager (ARM) technology.
  • Easy to learn, easy to understand Uses a simple, strongly-typed and pragmatic DSL that fits with how you think about resources.
  • Safety First. Farmer uses static types to give you the confidence that the templates you design are correct as soon as you type.
  • Interoperable. Farmer programs are simple .NET applications that can seamlessly hook into existing build pipelines or CI / CD servers.
  • Do things the right way, first time. Farmer helps guide you down the path of doing things "the right way". And because it makes it easy to adhere to best practices, you don't have to pay the cost of doing so.

What can I do with Farmer?

  • Create dev / test / prod environments quickly and consistently.
  • Create a SQL or CosmosDB database in just a few lines of code.
  • Use any NuGet package in your Farmer template.
  • Move away from committing secrets into source control and manually configuring applications.
  • Make powerful templates without needing to be a .NET expert.

Already using ARM templates?

Farmer has you covered.

  • Backwards compatible with ARM. Continue to use existing deployment processes.
  • Safely create dependencies between resources. Use static typing to give confidence that your templates will work.
  • Easily access common properties of resources. No more fighting to concatenate cryptic strings!
  • Extensible API. Add new helpers and members as needed.
  • Open source. Farmer's codebase is available for all to see.

Farmer's templates are generally 5-8 times smaller than the equivalent ARM template: Quicker and easier to author, understand and maintain.

Professional support options

Compositional IT understand that you may wish to have the peace of mind and safety when using Farmer. That's why we offer a set of options for professional support that provide you with the right level of assistance that best suits you.

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Contact Methods

Personalised Consultations

Best For



GitHub Only

GitHub Only

GitHub Only

Non-production use



Dedicated Support

3 working days

GitHub Only


Teams with 1-2 simple deployments



Dedicated Support

2 working days

Dedicated Priority


Teams with templates with some complexity



Dedicated Support

8 hours

Dedicated Priority

Email, Video, Phone

1 hour / month

Teams making heavy use of Azure deployments, teams new to Azure

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