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Tech Accelerator

Compositional IT's Tech Accelerator is designed to let us solve those edge-case or specific technology problems that would be prohibitively expensive or time-consuming for you to solve yourself, and / or where there does not exist sufficient documentation or educational resources for you to solve a technical challenge yourself.

Our Tech Accelerator is suitable for proof-of-concepts in cutting-edge areas to de-risk projects, or simply as a means to improve your team velocity in specific areas. Examples include:

  • Architectural design and / or review with advisory report
  • Repeatable Azure deployments for SAFE applications
  • Creating integrated logging and metrics in long-running applications
  • Creating distributed compute clusters for on-demand scale-out and bespoke big compute workloads

The Tech Accelerator Process

Our Tech Accelerator allows your team to focus on the day-to-day software development and delivery challenges whilst providing you with on-demand expertise and experience for those challenges which are not cost- or time-effective for you to solve directly. The Tech Accelerator provides a simple five-step process for engagement:

  • We have a 30-60 minute meeting to better understand the technical challenge your team is facing
  • We provide a short proposal defining the problem space, avenues of investigation and time required
  • We begin our investigation, creating documentation and technical assets as required
  • We provide regular feedback during the investigation phase, allowing you to shape the outcome as needed


We deliver:

  • A report which logs the investigation and provides further details on the outcome
  • Any associated technical assets that address the problem; assets are fully documented where appropriate

Examples include:

Architectural Design or Review: We can review an existing architecture that you have put together, or work with you to propose one from scratch.
Azure Authentication with SAFE applications: Best practices for authenticating users in SAFE applications when hosted on Azure.
Repeatable Azure deployments for SAFE applications: How to deploy multiple-service SAFE applications in a continuous deployment process to Azure.
Creating integrated logging and metrics in long-running applications: How to create applications which can easily provide consumable logging and metric statistics in a developer-friend web portal.

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