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Commercial IT Consultation

Cut costs and identify revenue streams in less time.

Compositional IT helps businesses across industries capitalize on new opportunities, generate revenue streams, and reduce costs - all within 3-6 months.

Software consultancy and development services don’t require years of action to generate a return on investment. We leverage over ten years of experience developing bespoke systems for clients to drive results through various consulting packages. These assist you in seizing new opportunities, adapting to market changes, and automating routine processes.

We understand your time is important; you have large responsibilities and need to provide internal cases to decision-makers before adopting new technologies. Repetitive processes can interfere with pipeline, identifying opportunities is challenging, and you don’t want to recommend problematic projects that run overtime and over budget.

That’s why CIT specializes in functional-first Microsoft F# and Azure Cloud to provide reliable and scalable systems that generate growth and create greater efficiencies. Our full commercial IT consulting package bundles three core steps: an opportunity assessment, strategic action plan, and a demonstrable proof of concept. This is fitting for companies that wish to be guided through each essential step to maximize IT and technology adoption success in the smallest timeframe.

Full Package: £10,000

Read below to view our three commercial consulting packages we offer to help you achieve your IT goals which can be purchased separately; your organization will save £2,000 by investing all three packages together while reaping all of the benefits including:

  • Understanding business priorities, challenges, system limitations, and reporting on potential value gains of proposed IT solutions.
  • Establishing a clear strategic vision to avoid lost revenue or lack of buy-in from internal decision-makers.
  • A data and systems audit, small-scale prototype, and ability to measure the impact of proposed solutions before large investments are allocated.