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Opportunity Assessment

Identify IT opportunities and potential value gains

Our opportunity assessment package is ideal for companies that face require a clear set of potential opportunities to unlock value. If your team is not yet aligned on how to best identify, prioritise, or address IT related commercial opportunities, contact us to learn more about this solution and how it has helped others. We will help ensure your organization isn’t missing out on potential growth opportunities due to a lack of agile systems.

This package is optimal if your organization is experiencing:

  • Overwhelming manual processes.
  • Inefficient systems.
  • Data quality issues.
  • Time-consuming and inaccurate reporting.
  • Inability to meet customer demands or new market opportunities.

These obstacles shouldn’t be overlooked as they may lead to rising labor costs, falling profit margins, poor customer satisfaction, and a lack of competitive advantage. Our diagnostic workshop will (1) help you understand business opportunities, value leaks, process challenges, and system limitations, (2) identify new opportunities and prioritize them for maximum efficiency, and (3) create an overview report of choices, proposed IT solutions, prioritizations, and potential value gains.

Price: £3,000