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Proof of Concept Model

Testing and prototyping of proposed IT systems

The last thing your company wants is to invest in new IT solutions and for them to not be efficient, waste resources, or be ineffective. CIT’s proof of concept prototyping model will help you to prove the potential of desired IT solutions. Choose this package if your organization is confident in a proposed solution but requires testing and prototyping before moving forward.

After all, you understand as an IT leader that testing solutions to ensure they are feasible and can generate a positive return on investment is critical. Not doing so can be a catalyst for lost revenue, hamper internal buy-in from decision-makers, and waste investment in the wrong technologies.

Our prototype model helps identify all of the relevant inputs for new solutions while testing it for its ability to be effective, efficient, and deliver value.

This is achieved through (1) a data and systems audit that locates all relevant inputs, data quality assurance, and assesses the functionality of relevant existing systems, (2) a small-scale development of the solution or a prioritized component, and (3) an opportunity to test the solution in action while measuring its potential impact on revenue, efficiency, service quality, and competitive advantage.

Price : £5,000