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Strategic Action Plan

A step-by-step roadmap to implement profitable IT solutions

Many organizations we work with already have plans to implement IT solutions but are not yet aligned on how best to execute on or how to roadmap them. Compositional IT’s strategic action plan will help you identify opportunities for automation and decrease redundancies. You can look forward to spending less time on linear and repetitive tasks, and more on high-growth activities.

Not resolving these types of bottlenecks can lead to lost revenue due to inaction, less clarity for CFOs and investors, falling behind competitors, and internal conflicts. CIT’s strategic action plan is recommended if your organization is experiencing the following challenges:

  • Strategic vision without a clear plan of action.
  • Automation opportunities have been identified, but not a specific solution.
  • Uncertainty over whether returns will justify the cost.
  • Lack of clarity over how the desired solution might work.

You will be involved in a two to three-day investigation and workshop that will give you:

  1. A clear understanding of current systems, strategic insights, detailed sense of desired output, and where you are bottlenecking.
  2. An action plan and solution framework to apply or present to decision-makers
  3. A strategic action plan detailing the solution proposal, mock-ups with wireframes, timeline to deployment, and ROI estimate.

Price : £4,000