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Development Pack

Our Managed Development Package provides you with a complete end-to-end software development package that is designed to deliver a bespoke, tested software system that is ready to be put into production. This includes domain modelling, architecture, development, testing and project management.

This package is ideal when you have internal domain expertise, but either a lack of internal technical capabilities or the desire to outsource a specific deliverable as a completely managed end-to-end deliverable. Our experienced team will liaise with your internal domain experts to understand the area of opportunity as well as understand the effort and challenges involved, before working with your team in an iterative process to deliver a fully working, high-value bespoke software product that works first time.

What's included?

  • Complete managed delivery of your IT system
  • Expert consultancy with a proven track record for analysis and delivery
  • Architectural and project management included
  • Regular progress reviews

Sound interesting?

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