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Adopting F# Snippets, Part 3 – The Future

F# Snippets has a new home

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The way forward

In Part 2 we looked at the work required to migrate FS Snippets over to our Azure subscription and some of the work done to improve the hosting such as migrating to Linux. There’s more work to be done however, and we don’t want to hog all the fun for ourselves!

This section contains a number of ideas and suggestions for helping to upgrade FS Snippets even further in the future.

Upgrade to .NET 8

.NET 8 has now been released and the newly-launched SAFE Stack v5 supports this as well. Do you feel inspired to help bringing this .NET Core 3.1-era project to this decade? Upgrading the project to current tech would allow us to dispense with some transitional complexity currently in place, i.e the dotnet version switching acrobatics, as well as improve the performance of the server.

Migrate to Giraffe

We're considering moving from Suave to Giraffe for the server-side hosting component of FS Snippets. Fancy helping us with this, and learning a little about ASP .NET at the same time?

Compiler wizardry

Are you the F# Compiler kaiser we need to update that particular dependency?


Do you have ideas for more scripts, or improvements to the existing ones?


In hindsight, I still wonder if I went a bit overboard with all the pipeline sorcery. Someone much less susceptible to tunnel vision might be able to simplify them.

More data-handling scripts (data backup)

Currently the snippet collection in the blob store is not being backed up to the fssnip-data repo. Perhaps someone could write a backup script to be run periodically, or on an event trigger (when the blob storage container is updated). Alternatively, we're looking at using the Azure Backup service to remove the need for backup scripts at all. If you have experience in Azure, you could definitely support in this regard.

Some of these are already added to the project's issues on GitHub.

We hope you found this blog series inspiring enough for you to join the effort and help maintain F# Snippets relevant - we're counting on you 🙂