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Announcing a VS Code and Ionide video series

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We're big fans of VSCode and the popular extension that drives F# integration, Ionide - so much so that we are regular financial backers to the project via Open Collective (and we encourage you to consider a small contribution if you use it!).

Something that we regularly notice when running F# coaching and training sessions for our customers who use VS Code (which is particularly popular on Mac and Linux) is that many of the features that are offered are not necessarily well known. So as of today we've started a new YouTube video series which will, through a set of short videos, show you some of the key features that can save you time and energy, from keyboard shortcuts for opening files to taking advantage of refactorings and advanced navigation features, as well as making programming a little more fun and rewarding!

We'll be adding to this series over the coming weeks - we're looking forward to your feedback!

Have (fun -> ())