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Company Announcement – Correction and Apology

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Compositional IT and one of our ex-staff members, Anthony Brown, would like to thank the director of ID Tech Ex, Jon Harrop, for taking the opportunity to issue the following statement to correct an earlier message which he posted on a social media channel which contained several inaccuracies:

I acknowledge that my statements regarding the competence, capabilities and honesty of both Compositional IT and Anthony Brown in particular were both false. Compositional IT did, in fact, successfully deliver a technical solution to us several years ago per our requirements, and I would like to state that Anthony Brown is and was an experienced F# developer at the time of our engagement. At no point did he or Compositional IT attempt to mislead us, and my comments regarding our engagement were based on a lack of information on my behalf for which I apologise. Furthermore, my comments regarding the experience and makeup of Compositional IT’s team was incorrect.

The link to this statement can be found here.

Both Compositional IT and Anthony Brown are both happy accept his apology and to put this matter behind us.