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Matt shines the spotlight on Marksman, a markdown language server written in F#

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This post is a little different. Rather than showing a library that you can use in your F# code, I want to highlight a project that has been written using it: Marksman, a markdown language server.

It can be used with editors that support the language server protocol, and there are open-source Marksman plugins/extensions for various editors. One such extension is Marksman VSCode, which enables you to use Marksman with (you guessed it) Visual Studio Code.

VS Code extension

One thing that's particularly nice about using the VS Code extension is that Marksman (the language server) is installed in the background for you. All you need to do to start using Marksman is:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Add a .marksman.toml file to the folder you've opened in VS Code
  3. Open a markdown file within that folder

With that done, Marksman's features are available to you. For example, a preview of the referenced content is shown when you hover over markdown links:

Hover over markdown links to show a preview of the referenced content


If you're interested to see more of what Marksman can do, the README has a section of demo GIFs that are worth checking out!

Conversely, if you're interested in contributing to an open-source F# project, the repo has a collection of issues tagged with "good first issue". This could be a fun project to start or continue your open-source F# journey with 🧑‍💻

Thanks to Artem Pianykh and the other contributors for making a useful tool and showing another example of what's possible with F# 🚀