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New React Wrappers!

F# has an awesome set of tools thanks to it's community. Check out our latest additions!

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The F# community have been the driving force behind some of the amazing tools we have, such as..

..to name just a few. It's projects like these which demonstrate that F# is a first class language for everyday programming.

Growing that toolset is important, and Compositional IT have been making a small contribution in the form of React wrappers. The SAFE Stack leverages the JavaScript ecosystem, so you can keep using those awesome React components that give your UI life, but with full type safety!

Here's a selection of React wrappers that we've published:

For a more complete guide on SAFE components check this awesome list.

We've only just started building up this suite of components and they've already been useful in our production applications! We hope they'll help you too 🙌🙌🙌