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SQL series wrap up

In the final post of the SQL series Akash shares his thoughts on which technology works for him!

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It's finally that time where I can wrap up this series with a nice bow. 🎀

I've had a lot of fun learning about how data access can be done in .NET using F#, let's take a look at the series as a whole!

Content 📃

I hope I was able to give a small flavour of what it is like using each technology but if you're still looking for some guidance here are a few questions I think about with some recommended answers.

The following is my opinion please don't eat me 🦈

Q&A 🤔

The below are a few questions that help me determine which route to go down for a project.

Question Recommendation
Am I working with a "simple" domain? Dapper, Dapper.FSharp
Does the database change often or without your knowledge? (SQL Hydra + ADO.NET), Facil
Do I need to validate my data before creation? ADO.NET, Donald, DustyTables, SQL Hydra, Facil
Do I have to deal with SQL? Entity Framework, SQL TypeProvider
Do I want an F# first experience? Dapper.FSharp, (SQL Hydra + ADO.NET), Facil, Donald, DustyTables, SQL TypeProvider
Is my database large? (SQL Hydra + ADO.NET), Facil, SQL TypeProvider

Again a lot of these tools are composable so you can easily interop between them.

Summary 🌈

It has been a long journey to get to this point and whether you've been reading from the start or just joined in a huge thank you for accompanying me.
That's all folks!