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The power of positivity 😸

This week Ryan reminds himself that amongst the churn and pressures of product development, it is important to remember the things that really matter.

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As developers, we often focus on the technical details of the problems we face.

This isn't surprising, as in many ways it is what we are paid to do.

As project or product managers, we are often concerned with timelines and deliveries - again, this is our responsibility and is expected of us.

I have recently been trying to remind myself that amongst all of this, it is important to remember that people are at the heart of the process.

Whether technical, managerial, domain experts, end users or anything in between - the success of every project depends on everyone working together efficiently and productively.

Introducing new technologies often means introducing new business processes, and change can be difficult for people.

We need to be sympathetic of that and support our clients as they adapt.

For people to do their best work, they need to be motivated.

They need to be invested in the project they are working on, and enjoy being part of their team.

If everyone feels respected, appreciated and heard, that goes a long way to achieving those goals.

We need to be inclusive of all members, especially in the age of Teams and Zoom calls where it is easy to overlook quieter members of the group in the chatter.

I need to be especially aware of this personally, as I have ADHD and have a tendency to steamroller a conversation if I'm not careful 🙄

At the end of each meeting, I try to ask myself - was that positive? Did everyone leave feeling good about it? How could I have made it better?

I am lucky to work for a great company where these things are almost taken for granted, and I know from experience it isn't the case everywhere.

That said, I think there is always room for personal improvement and I hope that those I interact with have been left with a positive impression! 🎉