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We focus on helping your teams to be better at what they do, and provide two different products towards learning: Training and Coaching. Our training courses are intensive, focused sessions typically lasting between 1-5 days where we'll expose your teams to new technologies and skills through practical, real-world challenges scenarios. Our coaching product naturally complements this by providing you with support over the medium- and long-term, helping your team learn how to be more effective over time.


Ensuring that your development team understands a technology, tool or platform to a high standard can lead to huge quality improvements, improved time efficiencies and cost savings. Using a technology incorrectly can lead to high development costs and lost time, or even worse, systems that do not perform correctly. At Compositional IT, we have a great deal of experience in training software developers in a wide variety of areas, from low-level development practices to high-level technology platforms, focusing on .NET, F# and Azure. We can work on-site, embedded within your development team, or work in a dedicated off-site location that we provide. All our courses are designed with practical experience in mind - attendees will be exposed to both instructor-led demos and lectures as well as having to carry out practical labs themselves, and leave with the confidence to continue their journey using these technologies in practical situations.

Our training courses are divided into modules - large learning goals for the day, which are divided into units - bitesize chunks of learning which can be easily grasped in a shorter space of time. Our courses are carefully designed so that modules and units build on top of one another, which reduces the risk of overloading attendees with too much information at once. We design our courses to ensure the foundational elements are well understood by attendees, before moving on to more complex areas; the use of practical exercises throughout ensures that attendees are kept engaged throughout. We're happy to discuss creating larger, combined courses for you that last for a longer period of time - for example, a five-day intensive training course that covers elements from two courses.

After the course

We know that the learnings covered in a training course is just the beginning in your journey to become proficient in a technology. For that purpose, our relationship with you extends beyond our on-site training delivery.

Post-delivery coaching

Our training courses cover a wide range of materials and, whilst fun and exciting for attendees, are also fast paced and intensive. In order to fully maximise the materials covered, we recommend you also consider using our F# Coaching package, which provides ongoing support on a regular basis to help your team as they begin to use F# in real-world projects.

Additional materials

  • All course materials are provided both in electronic and printed form.
  • Attendees also receive a fully working sample application, appropriate to the course, which utilises many of the techniques and technologies covered to be further studied in their own time.


The best development teams are always learning. Because we work with developers across multiple industries all the time, we know things you might not. Our advanced F# coaching packages ensure you stay at the cutting edge of your industry in bitesize chunks on a regular basis.