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Application Health Check

Prevent significant errors, improve efficiency and increase software quality.

In order to ensure the ongoing efficiency and quality of your F# software, it is essential to conduct periodic reviews of the codebase. Of course, we know that finding the time to do this can be difficult for busy developers, which is where our Application Health Check solution can provide support.

Priced at just £500 and requiring no more than 15-20 minutes of time input from you, the Application Health Check is a thorough review of your codebase, aimed at identifying bugs and issues which could be hampering the efficiency of your applications and may lead to more expensive problems.

You will receive a detailed report, which not only highlights issues, but also offers recommendations on the best way to fix them. Unlike most automated audit processes available, our Application Health Check is conducted by our team of F# experts including a senior consultant who will offer tailored advice as part of the report.

What is an application health check?

An application health check is a process through which our team of F# experts review your code and identify any issues that need to be fixed. These can include programming errors, design flaws, security risks, or anything else which might lead to problems in the future.

Some of the benefits of Compositional IT’s Application Health Check include:

  • Improved application quality: identifying bugs before your customers do decreases complaints and increases satisfaction.
  • Improved efficiency: finding and fixing errors before they escalate into bigger problems ensures the efficient running of software, as well as saving developer time in the long run.
  • Early error detection: discovering coding mistakes early helps you avoid expensive rework when deploying new features.

What does the application health check audit include?

The application health check examines a number of factors that can help you understand potential opportunities and issues, including:

  • Identifying which parts of your application are prone to errors.
  • Examining if there is a proper use of tools (integrations, deployment automation, etc) to aid developer productivity.
  • The ability to affordably make changes over the application’s lifetime with minimal risk of error or disruption for developers that join later.
  • Readability to make the application simpler to understand, navigate, and maintain.
  • Whether the code is engineered to encourage correct results and minimize bugs.

Our team of Microsoft F# experts analyse a variety of key metrics to ensure development is maintainable, high quality, and performant. An Application Health Check is highly recommended for teams wishing to maintain the quality and efficiency of their software.

Need an application health check?

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