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Coaching at Compositional IT

Looking to enhance your career or get the best out of your team?

Looking to upskill your team?

When it comes to coaching, at Compositional IT we don’t just teach skills. We become partners who help teams to upskill and hit their targets. When you become part of CIT’s coaching community we sit down with you and make sure we understand where your team wants to be in three, six and twelve months.

Then we work together to set concrete milestones and create a detailed coaching roadmap that will help developers grow their skills, and get where they and their companies need.

Why should you choose to work with us? One of the leading voices in the F# community, Compositional IT is a Microsoft Silver Partner and our coaches are experts in F# and Azure. Our founder, Isaac Abraham is a Microsoft MVP who has written F# books and helped to create SAFE Stack.

When you work with us, not only do you get your own private dedicated Slack channel where we can unblock you but you also get access to our coaching community via our specialized Slack channel. There, you can tap into our community’s knowhow, learn new skills and leverage our network for your gain, with our team always on hand to provide assistance and answer questions.

Not in a team?

We don’t just work with large enterprises. We also help individuals, and can put together a bespoke package tailored to you whether you are starting out with F# or are an experienced freelance developer.

We aren’t just coaches either, we are also career accelerators who understand your needs and tailor our coaching to your specific aims, and can work with you to draw up a personalised development roadmap.

When you work with us, you also get to join our Slack community, offering you the benefit of our contacts’ experience and career-enhancing connections.

How could it work for you? We offer several levels of coaching tailored to different types of clients.


A lightweight package designed for individuals. This package offers guidance and help for developers who are just starting out with F#, or more experienced users who occasionally need a helping hand.

If you run or work in a team that is looking for continuous professional development, upskilling and unblocking then the Professional package can help you meet your goals.

The premium package is for larger teams with heavier workloads who might need help quickly troubleshooting, unblocking and upskilling in order to hit tight deadlines.

For larger customers, we offer all the services in the Premium package plus a half yearly code healthcheck and discounted rates on our other services. Price on application.

Access to the CIT Shared Slack Support Channel

Monthly Webinar

4 hrs Personalised Coaching / month

Monthly Planning Meeting

Company Dedicated Slack Channel

Development Road Map

Guranteed 24 Hour Response Time 

Complementary App Health Checks

Discounted Rates on other services



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