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SAFE Stack Training Course

F# Web Development

Gain the skills to rapidly build reliable, modern and industry-standard web applications bringing all the benefits of F# such as low cost, rapid and highly reliable code across both client and server through a two-day fun, intensive and practical course run by F#, .NET and web development experts using the SAFE Stack.

You'll leave with the confidence to start create SAFE applications and start reaping the benefits of functional programming across the client and server.

Who is this course for?

  • F# developers looking to write full-stack web applications
  • .NET C# developers who are looking to benefit from the power of F# as well from full-stack development, whilst reusing their .NET skills
  • JavaScript & Typescript developers who are looking to retain benefits of the JS ecosystem but also benefit from F# and libraries that run on .NET
  • Elm developers who are looking for a similar development experience but to benefit from a full-stack development experience

This two-day course will guide you through all the steps required to develop reliable and scalable web applications using F#. Whether it's how to benefit from functional programming techniques in order to develop reliable applications and accurately model domains, working with standard web technologies such as JavaScript, WebPack and React whilst still working in F#, or how to write server-side applications that can seamlessly interoperate with client-side systems that work on the JavaScript ecosystem, you'll get something out of this fun and intense course.

What will I learn?

  • F# as a language for writing end-to-end applications
  • The JavaScript ecosystem for front-end development
  • How to take advantage of the .NET ecosystem for server-side development
  • The Elm architecture
  • Hosting web applications in the cloud

You'll learn the pragmatic techniques required to develop server-side and client-side web applications using idiomatic F# running on industry-standard tools and frameworks such as ASP .NET Core and Webpack, be taught the concepts required by expert trainers and have the opportunity to apply your learning through a combination of instructor-led slides, demos and hands-on labs.

Course Plan

Day 1

  • F# Primer: If you have little or no F# experience, we'll bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to take advantage of this course
  • Developing ASP .NET Core web apps in F#: Discover how you can use the SAFE stack to build scalable web services using functional programming techniques powered by ASP.Net Core
  • Compile your F# Code to JavaScript: See how F# can be used to run idiomatic F# code in the web browser
  • Develop your UI using functional programming concepts: Create maintainable applications using the MVU style of development

Day 2

  • Type Safe CSS: Style your SAFE applications using F# and get all the benefits of F# type safety
  • Authentication: Learn how to allow your users to securely access your SAFE applications
  • Reactive Apps: Discover how SAFE simplifies the process of developing realtime web applications
  • Architecture: See how to scale your code as you add more new features

As part of our training, you will experience instructor lead lectures as well as hands on labs; at the end of the two days you'll have a fully-functioning web application as well as a pre-prepared version developed by us which you can take with you to study in your own time.

Sound interesting?

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