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F# and Azure Software Coaching

Coaching at CIT

Great development teams are always learning. Because we work with developers across multiple industries all the time our advanced coaching packages ensure you stay at the cutting edge of your industry.

CIT gave us the confidence to try F# in production - now we’re using it for all our new projects.

Aaron, CTO

Our coaching packages are tailored for your teams needs, designed to train your team over time to empower themselves and be the best that they can be. Whether you're new to F# and unsure of how to get the best out of it, or already reaping the rewards but understand that even the best teams can still improve, we'll work with you to find ways that you can save time, money and make your day-to-day more enjoyable and productive.

Our unique coaching packages work on three-month cycles in which we'll create together a plan that helps focus your team on tackling the most important and valuable areas that will benefit your team. We'll then work with you to address those opportunities with one-hour coaching sessions on a regular basis. This can include:

  • Specific areas of F# or Azure that you're looking to upskill in
  • Working with specific technologies, libraries or frameworks such as the Azure Event Hubs or SAFE Stack
  • Gaining efficiencies with tooling
  • Improving your time management
  • Strategies to work more successfully with your business
  • Helping plan your work more effectively

Just a few hours’ coaching with Compositional IT really helped us improve our understanding of F# in our application. We were really surprised at how quickly they added value.

Julian, Team Lead

Personalised Learning

Our coaching plans are tailored to your needs change; as your experience with F# grows, our relationship with you also shifts to suit your needs. We know from experience that it's not enough to just have coaching sessions on their own. Therefore we include specific planning sessions every month that will help your team focus on the most important goals for the next quarter, with structured weekly plans and offline learning targets. Every team is different, and we'll keep a close eye on the number of sessions that's right for you.

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