Akka .NET and F#

Actor based applications with Akka .NET

Modern web applications are incredibly demanding, needing to support millions or potentially billions of users at once without sacrificing the performance and stability needed to attract those millions of users. That's why Compositional IT is committed to Akka .NET and helping organisations build robust distributed applications in the cloud.

Akka .NET is an implementation of the actor model, a model of computation which sees independent services communicating through message passing. This model has been used by hundreds of organisations around the world and has allowed companies like WhatsApp to deliver massively scalable and reliable applications with smaller team sizes and more affordable hardware. By embracing the ideals of the actor model everyone is able to build applications which can scale across machines and automatically recover from errors.

Adopting the principles of reactive application development with Akka .NET and F# affords your developers the ability to develop services and applications which are able to operate at the scale and performance required for today's web applications. With Compositional IT's expertise in developing web and cloud based applications, we can guide your Akka .NET development and help you run your applications reliably at scale.

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The power of Akka .NET

Akka .NET allows you to develop applications which are responsive and resilient, through features such as on-demand scaling automatic recovery in the presence of failures and errors.

Your applications will also be able to natively scale across machine boundaries by using built in Akka components such as clustering and sharding, whilst you can write event sourced applications with minimal overhead through the persistence plugins.

Akka .NET F# code sample

The reliability of F#

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Use F# to develop and deploy your Akka .NET applications with confidence.

Akka .NET provides a full API allowing you to develop your distributed applications using idiomatic F#. Take the same approaches to developing actor based applications which you've used in your local F# applications and apply them to your web services and applications. With an API that enforces immutability you'll be able to leverage your existing knowledge of F# to push your Akka .NET applications to production with confidence.

If F# is new to you then you might be surprised at how easy it is to write distributed applications using F#. F#'s defaults are geared towards concurrency - embracing immutability by default and avoiding mutability, simplified async processing and low overhead type definitions.

No interfaces, no inheritance, and all of Akka .NET.

The backing of Azure

Use Microsoft Azure to provide the hosting environment for compute.

Akka .NET lets you scale your application quickly and effectively but without the backing of the cloud you're limited to what your operations team can manage. Embrace the scale of Azure to develop Akka .NET applications which are globally distributed and can scale across thousands of machines. Or, back your application with Azure's rock solid data storage technologies to ensure your application stays resilient in the face of failure. All this at low cost with no upfront pricing.

When coupled with Akka .NET's powerful runtime, Azure becomes an even more compelling package.

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