Office Hours

Free Office Hours at Compositional IT

In addition to our regular coaching program we now also offer the opportunity to book out a free 20 minute consultation and coaching session. If you’re struggling with an F# or Azure issue and you’re not sure how to solve it, then complete the form on to book in a session with one of our consultants. We’ll arrange a time for you to chat to one of our experienced consultants who will discuss the issue you're facing, providing free advice based on our in-depth experience and expertise using F# and Azure.

We're happy to discuss anything regarding either F# or Azure! Some example areas for discussion:

  • How to get the best out of the SAFE stack
  • Working with Fable and Elmish
  • Using Saturn to create web APIs
  • How to effectively model domains in F#
  • Effective error handling in F#
  • Working on .NET Core and F#
  • How to integrate your application with Azure
  • What are the key benefits of Azure?
  • How can you start taking advantage of the cloud?
  • How you can integrate FAKE into your DevOps pipeline

Our office hours is an ideal opportunity to chat to our experienced consultants at no cost. To book a session, please complete the form below - one of our team will be in touch to arrange a time that works. We look forward to hearing from you!

Book an office hours session