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Join the Community: FsHttp seeking additional maintainers

In this week's post we highlight FsHttp, a .NET library that simplifies making HTTP requests, which is looking for maintainers!

We're hiring Software Developers

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Open-source projects like FsHttp thrive on community involvement and collaboration. This is your chance to become an integral part of the #fsharp community and make a meaningful impact!

Ronald Schlenker has recently made a post on Twitter announcing that he is looking for additional maintainers for FsHttp.

twitter post

What is FsHttp

It's a neat little library that makes making HTTP request a bit more pleasant.

An example to give you a taste of FsHttp

#r "nuget: FsHttp"

open FsHttp

http {
    POST "https://reqres.in/api/users"
    CacheControl "no-cache"
            name = "morpheus"
            job = "leader"
|> Request.send
|> Response.deserializeJson<Person>
|> fun p -> p.address = john.address 

Reach out if you're interested

To learn more about becoming a maintainer or contributor for FsHttp, don't hesitate to contact SchlenkR directly on Twitter.